Need to hide their websites from search engines in SEO? Why?

In SEO, Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo search for new data when the user types a query in the search page.
Some of their websites don't want to reveal their page outside and need private protection for their website, they need to hide their websites from users and search engine crawlers.
While the website is under process, reconstruction of their website’s work hides their websites from users and search engines.
While a website faces any issues or errors and doesn't want to reveal its contents may need to hide its website from users and search engines.

Need to hide their websites from search engines in SEO? Why?

John Mueller’s explanation towards a question

John Mueller’s explanation towards a question
Mueller answers Yes, it is possible to hide a website from search engines and can be visited through the link addresses.

How to hide a site in search?

There are three ways to hide a website in search
The second is by BLOCK CRAWLING &


For keeping your site private from indexing the page is applying a password. Password Protection is the best strategic approach to hide your site from other users. It doesn’t need any process or lengthy activity for an application. This is enabled by keeping a password to the site. This password protects your website from users and search engines to view your content or website. Also, it prevents users from accessing your content.


To block your site from crawling is by robots.txt file. When your site is being crawled, your site’s robots.txt hides your website files inside the site or the page on your website. It won’t allow the user or crawler to view it. You can include,
If you don’t need your URL for accessing from Google bot, must be included
For example, if you have an affiliate marketing website and you need to hide the shopping cart from your users, robots.txt prevents your user by not showing the relevant page. It hides the entire file from the user.


If search engines still access your address of the site without the content, you can block the indexing by adding “noindex” to the meta name.
meta name=” robots” content=”noindex” This blocks the page by giving commands to the search engine not to index the page after they crawl it.

Closure Points By John Mueller

For the privacy of your content, password protection is the best option to hide your content from being accessed by others. Block crawling and indexing are the secondary options used when your content is not private. These are used to block the files or pages inside your content and don't allow the users to view it.

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